For Darfur™ in conjunction with Vector International Pictures ( presents the avant premiere of Producer/Director Mohamed Hassan's feature documentary, DEATH IN DARFUR -THE TRUTH. A 'film in progress' bears witness to unmentionable crimes against humanity while celebrating the courage of a refugee community desperately trying to survive.

An accomplished filmmaker and recipient of a number of awards for his raw and energetic cinematography, D.I.D.-The Truth depicts in graphic relief 3 million displaced men, women and children living and dying daily in blighted refugee camps and from neglect.

Mohamed explores Darfur's devastation through stolen glimpses, revealing insights, and startling images of world leaders caught up in a mire of rhetoric. His stunning and at times tender point of view reveals stories of the moment when words are not enough. The footage attests to a powerful force, the power of the masses, who by their numbers and utter resilience move from despair to hope especially seen from the vantage point of the Sudanese children.

The filmmakers comprise a group of globetrotting activists who are dedicated to social causes. The roots of Hassan's commitment to raise awareness through film derive from a family that has championed human rights, freedom of speech and defied a legacy of oppression since his birth. His father, Abdullah Hassan was the Co-Founder and Executive Editor of the Sudanese News Agency and collaborated in the founding of the African Journalist Union. He fearlessly opposed the repressive junta resulting in his arrest and the exile of his family and middle son Mohamed.

To assist in the completion of Death in Darfur-The Truth and distribution please contact:
Mohamad Hassan, 416-894-3766,
Cristiane Roget, 310-220-9118,